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    Garrett Hart (b. 1998) is an industrial designer currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. His work revolves around furniture, home goods, and material investigations.



Mass customizable lighting | 2022
    Aris is a mass customizable lighting solution.

Born from the idea of making something that can be completely unique to each user but still be manufactured
on a large scale

To achieve this, 3D printing and grasshopper parametric software are utilized.

Grasshopper ensures that each variation can be made by simply dragging a slider, updating the model in real time

3D printing allows for rapid production of this one-of-one object, allowing for a larger possible scale than factories
using traditional manufacturing methods



Mycelium coffee table | 2021
            Coffee table made from 100% mushroom mycelium.
Table-top features a semi-circular groove relief to function as a unique catch-all solution for the various remote controls, pens, and snacks commonplace on a coffee table’s surface, while also serving as a distinct visual cue. The design of the table was heavily inspired by natural growth and the asymmetrical forms that nature provides.
Furniture is the least recycled household item, and it also comprises the second largest portion of urban waste. MYCO! was born as a solution to these problems. The mushroom mycelium that the table is comprised of is 100% bio-degradable, non-toxic, flame-retardant, carbon-negative, and with a higher strength-to-volume ratio than concrete! All of these unique qualities make it an ideal candidate for a sustainable furniture design solution.

To manufacture the table, it would have to be grown into a mold of the same shape. Thus, 2 ° of draft were applied to the entire body, to help facilitate easy removal from the mold. With dimensions of 15” H, 26” W, & 45” L, the table is small and compact enough to fit into virtually any space.

Logo exploration 001a

  Logo exploration 001b



Tape dispenser | 2021
             Tape dispenser designed for manufacture by the injection molding process. All aspects of the injection molding process were carefully considered.

  • Consistent wall thickness (0.06”)
  • Structural ribs throughout
  • Pin bosses for assembly
  • Generous radii at all edges
  • 2 ° draft on appropriate faces

    The design and styling of the tape dispenser were heavily inspired by 1970’s Italian industrial design, which heavily featured bold reds, blacks, and yellows, as well as numerous arching, curved splines.

    The dispenser features a simple open slot mechanism to put the tape roll into the dispenser.
    The traditional cutting edge of the dispenser was changed in favor of a molded-in cutting edge, reducing assembly costs and production time.


Tea set

Tea set | 2020

            Ceramic tea set, designed to function as a family of individuals. Each piece carries with it its own specialized function, however, the visual identity of the set remains.
Several key features were kept consistent throughout the design process to ensure the overall look of each piece was the same.

  • All user touch points are coded in a matte terracotta red.
  • All pieces have a circular base shape.
  • All pieces feature a beltline, where the direction of the tapered wall is reversed.
  • All walls are covered in a glossy white glaze.


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Garrett Hart
Industrial Design